Blueport Altea Blueport unites the best in the field of architecture, design, construction and marketing.

Door Erik Dob, 29 June 2012

Nothing compares to you

Mikhail Gorbachev, Sinead O'Connor and Michael Schumacher. These are but a few examples of a long list of celebrities who have made Altea their home. This is because Altea is more than just a pretty place to live; Altea is a way of living that allows them to be free, and to be able to enjoy an everyday life that is secure, and offers privacy and incomparable beauty.

Unique team of specialists

It's no wonder that Altea is the workplace of Meg van Amstel, one of the most successful international real-estate agents on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Her clientele consists of world citizens; people who know what's on sale in the world and who will accept nothing but the very best. Meg: "For me personally, each house is a separate story, with differing responses to differing needs. This makes all of our clients Very Important Persons. Irrespective." This philosophy also underlies the most luxurious real-estate project on the Costa Blanca, which Meg van Amstel represents: Blueport Altea This is also the case in Altea, Spain: the result of cumulative professional experience in the area of finance, construction management, design, legal issues and marketing. Flawless collaboration, for which only the best people in their field have come together to create a magnificent living environment.

Eric Kuster

"Our idea goes further than the material level, in order to enter a dimension of all-inclusive quality of life. We are extremely happy that we are able to work with the unique team of world-renown specialists. That is highly inspirational!" One of these specialists is Dutch Designer Eric Kuster. The term that best describes his work is metropolitan luxury. It's possible to see many journeys to destinations around the world in his unique design style of refinement, glamour and comfort. He enjoys fame through his stylish, unparalleled interiors. His impressive portfolio contains a wealth of benchmark spaces: from private homes to ultra-hip clubs, and from hotels to stores. The most recent foreign project is the restyling of the Barcelona FC soccer stadium. In complete accordance with this design idiom 'Contrast is Happiness', he finds a perfect balance between extremes such as classic and modern, light and dark, and warm and cold. Eric Kuster is more than a successful designer; it is a brand. Yet the key to the brand's success is the man himself. Or rather, his attitude toward life. And he realizes this like no one else. "I never promise a client anything that I can't achieve" says Eric. "And I stand behind everything I do." We can discern this energetic, ambitious and stylistic attitude in the brand, since Eric Kuster is by now much more than an interior designer. It's the metropolitan lifestyle, with a clothing and shoe line, fabrics, furniture, lighting and luxury items. "It's pure passion", says Eric. "And that always compels me to seek out the wow factor, even all around me. So when I saw the Blueport stand at the Millionaire Fair, I knew straight away I wanted to collaborate with them." Meg confirms this: "We saw straight away that Eric could add something to Blueport. It fits in with us, and it fits in with Blueport." It's a perfect match, born from a shared passion for luxury and beauty. The contrasting nature of Blueport Altea subsequently inspired Eric to create a design line specifically for this project: Blue for Eric Kuster. The collaboration between Blueport and Eric Kuster is a fine example of synergy between two successful brands. Besides a common aim, it requires commitment and an investment from both sides. And it works, both in this project and outside it, since for both parties it has opened the door for new initiatives. The one connection is the prelude for yet another one, and so on. "I'm convinced that Eric Kuster, both the brand and the person, can grow through these kinds of joint projects. I'm once again ready for the next thing", says Eric. "What's that? I'm not telling anyone yet, but it's once again a wow."


The fact that Blueport Altea and Eric Kuster found each other is no coincidence, since these are two ambitious parties with sound business acumen and a shared passion for lifestyle. At Initio, we stimulate initiatives such as these. Indeed, we actively seek out within our contacts opportunities for our clients. Initio creates connection. Between brands, between people and between ambition and realization. That is our strength.


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