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«Terug naar het overzicht


Good work ensures new work. Given our previous campaigns for the parking authority of the Groningen municipality, the ROEZ (spatial planning and economic affairs) department came along with an interesting question. The objective of the campaign is to make students aware of alternative routes to and from the Zernike campus, in order to alleviate the current, much-used access route.


From our own experience we know students are clever, as well as lazy.
We therefore opted for an approach that is above all neither condescending nor bossy, but simply based on a specific advantage: the alternative routes are quicker. Students get there and back sooner; valuable minutes they can now spend differently: in bed, in front of the mirror or in books.
We draw students' attention to these so-called Smart Routes through various tools.


The main aim of the campaign is to have first-year students cycle on the alternative routes from the outset. This means that running time of the campaign is limited: 2 weeks before KEI-week, during, and 1 week following KEI-week.
Besides devising the concept, our contribution was the design and realization of the mix of tools, both online and offline. And in the case of an enthusiastic client such as this we were able to implement every idea, from kitting out a promotion team, the website, a Facebook campaign focused on the target group, posters, flyers and an engaging competition.








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