Icopal is Europe's leading manufacturer of products for protecting and sealing building structures, specifically roof covering and watertight membranes. In Scandinavia, Icopal is the largest construction company in the field of roofs. The objective is to acquire a preferential position in the Netherlands and Great Britain within the target groups architects, contractors, and wholesalers in construction materials.


Faces of British Architecture: a podium for Great Britain's most renowned architects, in print, online and finally an exhibition in The Building Center in London. Sponsored of course by Icopal.


A shift from a product focus toward a brand focus and from an instrumental toward an expressive approach. The campaign has yielded considerably more concrete leads. We furthermore see a positive side-effect: Icopal is increasingly perceived by the target group as the preferred partner in the field of roof covering and sealing buildings.

"We used to talk about features.
Now it's about benefits."

Cor den Hartog, marketing manager Icopal

Faces of British Architecture - print


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