Designing for fellow designers is perhaps the most difficult thing. Colleagues is what they are at Pezy. Industrial designers, who put their heart and soul into the entire product development chain from conceptual design to production-ready products. The objective was to convey their creed 'passion to create' online onto a new website.


Along with an extensive brand strategy, the website is the first tool Pezy uses to present itself to the world in the desired manner: modern, proud and somewhat audacious; both graphically and textually. While the previous website was mainly informative in nature, this is above all meant to inspire, as well as to advertise. Pezy has some rather impressive credentials, such as Philips, Heineken, Samsonite, and Unilever and this is what we showcased, both literally and figuratively. The website bridges the gap between print and online, and it forms the basis for the new way of communicating, by a company with an amazing story.! The technical realisation was done by Friks.




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